1600 Intercom

The System 1600 redefines radio interoperability. A four-person, six radio intercom, the System is ideal for command vehicles. It allows officers to select, monitor and transmit over all six radios.

  • Features
  • Specifications
  • System provides full-duplex intercom among officers and simultaneous radio transmit on six radios.
  • System supports up to four radio transmit stations.
  • Radio transmit stations include separate on-off switches and volume controls for each radio (six in total) as well as a separate volume control for the intercom.
  • Radio transmit stations include six three-position control toggles, one for each radio. The control toggles can be locked up to turn off the audio from a given radio, locked center to monitor a radio, and held down momentarily to transmit over a radio (push-to-talk).
  • Radio transmit stations also include a three-position intercom toggle, locking in all positions: up for audio-off, center for listen-only, and down for full-duplex.
  • Repairable parts decrease the lifetime cost of ownership, and fast repair turnaround decreases downtime.
  • Interconnect cables are terminated with DB-25 connectors, eliminating any soldering required to install or replace components.
  • Interconnect cables incorporate a shield on the microphone line and on the overall cable to prevent RF and EM interference.

This intercom is compatible with the following:
8B series headsets
5B series headsets
CSB series headsets