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    Pinnacle LED Lightbar

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    • Innovative optics design, “Fusion Technology”, the first optics designed like a lighthouse to boost the light farther and wider for a brighter, safer warning signal
    • Streamlined, modular design is easy to maintain with field replaceable modules that are easily upgradable
    • 6 or 12 LED dual color arrow option available
    • Clear or color lenses in amber, blue or red
    • Dimming capability
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    Pinnacle Mini LED Lightbar

    • Pinnacle Mini LED Lightbar, EPL7000 is Class 1 certified for blue and red solid colors
    • Magnetic mount has Cig plug with 3-position rocker switch (on, off and flash pattern advance)
      • Red LED indicator light and 10′ cord length
      • 4 extra strong magnets each with an 85 lb. pull each to prevent the bar from slipping or moving
    • Permanent mount with 12′ cable with bare wires for hard wire installation
    • Fusion II Technology – optic for a bright, extra wide output
    • Non-volatile memory – recalls last flash pattern used
    • New! EPL7100 SAE Class 1 Certified
    $ 489.00 $ 349.00
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    PMT SightLine Series vehicle consoles represent a blend of best-in-class designs with ergonomic, safety and must-have features. Designed for ease-of-use, the unique low profile design of SightLine consoles ensures excellent visibility and access to onboard controls. Key safety features include rounded corners and ‘break-away’ armrest capabilities.

    PMT makes available standard and vehicle-specific mounting system configurations for leading vehicle manufacturers such as GMC, Chevrolet, Chrysler/Dodge and Ford. In addition, PMT offers a variety of specialty or application-specific vehicle consoles that are designed and configured to unique customer or vehicle requirements.
    Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, PMT consoles are strong and sturdy enclosures, offer corrosion resistance and assist in reducing in-vehicle vibration for long-term durability and value.

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    Predator® 2 Surface Mount

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    $ 475.00 $ 334.00
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    RAM Trucks 2010-Current Security Console Insert

    Continuing the Tuffy legacy of designing and manufacturing the finest console inserts in the industry since 1997, Tuffy is proud to introduce our new security console insert for RAM full size trucks.

    This 16 gauge steel console insert provides style, security and convenience. While maintaining the refined curves of the OEM console, the Tuffy console insert transforms your OEM console into a heavy-duty lockable storage area utilizing Tuffy’s Pry-Guard locking system with 10 tumbler double bitted security key to help protect valuables from thieves.

    The innovative design utilizes an exclusive lid support feature that keeps the lid open while accessing contents. The insert maintains a completely stock look including full use of armrest and lid. Featuring a durable texture powder coat finish, the insert comes ready to install. Drilling is required for a secure installation. The insert is not designed to work with the OEM remote CD player.

    Patent pending.

    $ 224.00
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    reVerb Alarms Backup Alarm

    $ 53.00 $ 37.00
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    Soundoff nFORCE® Interior LED Traffic Controller (12 LED)

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    $ 687.00$ 1,134.00
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    Soundoff Signal mpower® 3″ Fascia Light

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    mpower® Fascia is the first extremely compact, tri-color line of perimeter lighting on the market. Fascia’s next generation design and mounting options allows the light to be integrated nearly anywhere on the vehicle.?

    • Dual and Tri-color capability
    • Ability to integrate visually into today’s police vehicles
    • Collaboration with Dow Corning® to develop ClearDuty™ optical design
    • ClearDuty molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses
      • A smaller footprint with maximized candela output
      • Greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking
      • Improved sealing to prevent water from entering light
      • Higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time
    $ 212.00 $ 149.00
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    Soundoff UltraLITE Interior LED Warning Bar

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    $ 887.00 $ 626.00
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    Steel Skid Plate (2017 Ford Interceptor Sedan)

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    High-Strength and Lightweight construction
    No drilling required for quick, easy installation
    Not necessary to remove skid plate for routine maintenance

    $ 268.00
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    Tablet Safe

    Weighing less than 7 lbs., this lockable welded steel storage box is designed to secure a tablet or firearm and protect valuables while carrying by hand between locations, during travel, inside a vehicle, home or office. Convenient pre-drilled holes allow for easy mounting to solid surfaces including airline cockpits, fleet & service vehicles, home or office environments. Access ports are built in to accommodate power and data transfer cables.

    Exclusive lid restrictor hinge stop design prevents lid from dropping open when mounted to a solid surface and can be quickly removed to open the lid fully when on the go. The lid restrictor kit allows either 3” or 5” lid opening, if desired. Keyless entry is provided by Tuffy’s 3 digit combination lock with a two-point steel cam for added security. The included 2 ft. long, 2000 pound test, steel security cable secures the safe to any sturdy mounting surface by attaching to the ⅛” steel security cable anchor point. The inside is lined with low-density foam to protect the contents, while compression bumpers keep the lid vibration-free when closed.

    $ 173.00
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    TJ Security Glove Box

    This 16 gauge steel, high security glove box is an ideal replacement for the plastic factory glove box. The glove box can be used to secure a number of smaller items. Tuffy’s Patented latch system allows the glove box to be latched shut without having to be locked and unlocked each time it is accessed.

    $ 275.00