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    2018 Ford F Series PB400 Aluminum Bumper

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    $ 549.00
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    2018 Ford F Series Polycarbonate Rear Window Barrier

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    $ 309.00
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    2018 Ford F Series Window Barrier Steel Horizontal

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    $ 283.00
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    4 Oval LED Curb Entry Light

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    40″L x 12″W x 9″H – Tactical Security Lockbox

    Tuffy’s tactical lock-box is custom designed to fit securely into the trunk of the 2012+ model year and newer Dodge Charger Pursuit. It is ideal for securing an 870 shotgun, M-4 rifle and officer body armor completely outfitted.

    The innovative design enables the lockbox to be secured to the vehicle by a cable-lock system. This unique system does not require a separate padlock and can be released in seconds to transfer the lock-box between vehicles.

    (Cable and padlock not included).

    $ 667.00
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    400 Series Siren/Switch Module

    Provides a higher level of current outputs necessary to operate police radios, laptop inverters, etc. This siren provides nine 10-AMP and three 20-AMP relay outputs along with a horn ring relay.

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    5B Series Headset

    A rugged, lightweight headset for medium-to-low noise environments.

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    6B Series Headset

    A rugged, single-ear headset for medium-to-low noise environments.

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    8B Series Headset

    A heavy duty headset with an over-the-head headband for high noise environments.

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    900SP Single-Person System

    An advanced single-person system for police vehicle and interior building applications, the System 900SP allows for communications on up to three radios with a variety of medium-to-heavy duty headsets. Most popular option is the wireless headset interface.

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    977 / 977W Intercom

    A premium police intercom system, the System 977 is ideal for patrol boat and other outdoor applications. All of its connectors are waterproof and its enclosure is weatherproof.

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    Apex LED lightbar

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    • Streamlined design with unique “wing” shape that was wind tunnel tested and showed the lowest drag with no added lift force to the car with additional benefits of fuel savings and better vehicle handling
    • The Apex LED Lightbar is our thinnest lightbar with a slim inboard module of just 1.6″ (39 mm) tall, optimized optic height for maximum photometric impact
    • 180° scene light option uses alley lights and strategically placed wide angle take down lights
    • New inboard optic features striations on the lenses to bend the light for extreme off angle visibility
    • New alley light design is positioned at just the right angle for advanced side viewing while operating the vehicle
    • Clear or color lenses in amber, blue or red
    • Dimming capability
    • US Patent D674716 S1, other US and foreign patents pending

    Available in Clear or Color Lenses in Blue, Red or Amber NOTE: Split Arrow option ONLY available in Clear Lenses. Green Lenses (Dome) NOT available, for Green order Clear Lens with Green LEDs)