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    nFORCE® LED Surface Mount Light

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    • nFORCE LED Surface Mount Light features new vehicle design integration
    • Single, Split, Dual and Tri-Color capability
    • 6,9,12 and 18 LED counts
    • Steady-burn white capability
    • US and foreign patents pending
    $ 294.00$ 323.00
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    nFORCE® LED Windshield Lights

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    $ 471.00 $ 332.00
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    nROADS™ LED Beacon (6 LED)

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    Available in 2 Different Models to Choose From

    •  Low Dome with 4 modules
    •  High Dome with 8 modules
    • Offset Dual Stack Includes 8 Total Modules that Provide 360 Degrees of Intense Lighting Coverage Available in Permanent, Magnetic and 1” NPT Pipe Mounts
    •  Magnetic mount includes a 10 foot cig plug cord with integrated 2-button rocker switch panel

    Ability to Customize with All White Illumination to Light Up Work Areas Cruise and Low Power Modes Premium Aluminum Base Durable Polycarbonate Lens Top LEDs are Optional   Product can be configured to meet your lighting needs. Please see order form under Resources to customize.

    $ 349.00$ 388.00
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    PAR 36 Work Light (500,1000,1400 Lumen)

    • Intense and bright, built for demanding environments
    • Certified to IP67 specifications for rigorous dust and water immersion testing
    • Rated to last 30,000+ hours for long-lasting and reliable, bright white light sources
    • Low maintenance and reduced operating costs
    • Adjustable mounting bracket with 180º of tilt forward or backward to aim the light as needed
    $ 137.00$ 196.00
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    PAR46 LED Spot Light Insert

    • Quickly replace outdated technology halogen lamps with this PAR46 Unity® LED Spot Light Insert.
    • This light can be used within any Unity® 6-inch spotlight housing using a screw terminal design.

    Easy Installation
    LED technology rated at 215,000 candlepower with up to 50,000 hours of lamp life
    2º tightly controlled focus
    Hard-coated, polycarbonate lens that is break resistant, virtually indestructible

    $ 362.00 $ 255.00
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    Predator® 2 Surface Mount

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    $ 475.00 $ 334.00
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    Soundoff Signal mpower® 3″ Fascia Light

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    mpower® Fascia is the first extremely compact, tri-color line of perimeter lighting on the market. Fascia’s next generation design and mounting options allows the light to be integrated nearly anywhere on the vehicle.?

    • Dual and Tri-color capability
    • Ability to integrate visually into today’s police vehicles
    • Collaboration with Dow Corning® to develop ClearDuty™ optical design
    • ClearDuty molded one-piece housing and optic design delivers advantages over conventional polycarbonate lenses
      • A smaller footprint with maximized candela output
      • Greater resistance to gravel pitting, scratching or cracking
      • Improved sealing to prevent water from entering light
      • Higher UV and thermal stability to prevent lens from yellowing over time
    $ 212.00 $ 149.00
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    SoundOff Signal White 5″ 12V Rectangular 1400 Lumen LED Flood Light

    • High Output Generation 3 LEDs Provide Professional Grade Light Output; IP67 rated for water and dust protection
    • Severe Duty Design Extremely Long Life 30000 Plus Hours, Exterior Use
    • Voltage 10 to 16 Vdc Low Amp Draw 3.7 Amps at 12.8 Vdc, Operating Temperature Minus 40 Degrees C to Plus 65 Degrees C
    • Mounting bracket is made of stainless steel; offers complete, horizontal and vertical adjustment for any application
    • This product is used in thousands of uses today throughout the world; extreme mechanical, electrical and optical flexibility; provide years of excellent performance and trouble-free service
    $ 352.00 $ 69.00