900SP Single-Person System

900SP Single-Person System

An advanced single-person system for police vehicle and interior building applications, the System 900SP allows for communications on up to three radios with a variety of medium-to-heavy duty headsets. Most popular option is the wireless headset interface.

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    • Only system on the market to have a fully integrated wireless module into the master station enclosure.
    • With the option to have an internal wireless module included in the System 900SP, it is the easiest and fastest wireless system on the market to be installed and deployed. Learn more about Setcom's wireless capabilities.
    • Within minutes, the vehicle's driver / operator can be wireless and communicating with other crewmembers and the vehicle's radio up to 1,200 feet away. Internal wireless module is compatible with the Liberator wireless headset.
  • Advanced Electrical Noise Elimination - Industrial vehicles and vessels have numerous electrical systems which can cause significant noise issues for radio communication devices. The System 900SP has highly engineered electronic countermeasures to eliminate those potential issues and provide clear audio for crewmembers.


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  • The System 900SP is designed for modern police vehicles. The option to have a wireless module integrated internally in the System 900SP housing makes the system highly versatile for today's advanced industrial applications.
  • The modular system accommodates up to:
    • 2 radios
    • 1 user
    • 1 primary and 1 remote station (optional)
  • Plug and play components and the fewest components of any leading system make the System 900SP the easiest to install and maintain which saves time and money.
  • Works with all commonly used professional and public safety mobile radios.
  • Repairable parts decrease the lifetime cost of ownership and fast repair turnaround decreases downtime.